93 was the title of one of The Village's inmates. The character appears in "Arrival", the first episode of the the 2009 television miniseries The Prisoner and was portrayed by actor John Whiteley.


After resigning from his job, Michael wakes in the desert, disoriented and unsure of where he is. At the sound of a gunshot and barking dogs, he goes to the aid of an old man who is running from armed pursuers. Michael carries the old man into a cave, where, with his dying breath, the old man asks Michael to hide his body and tell someone named 554 that he got away. After burying the body, Michael follows a light in the distance and arrives in a small town.

Behind the scenes

Another member of The Prisoner ensemble, John Whiteley trained at London’s Central School of Speech & Drama in the company of classmates such as Vanessa Redgrave and Judy Dench. His film credits include The Jackals and Cry the Beloved Country.[1]

Producer Trevor Hopkins confirmed in an interview that he had invited Patrick McGoohan to play the role of 93, the Number Six-like old man encountered by Jim Caviezel's character early in the first episode. This is suggested by the jacket worn by the old man – the same style jacket as worn by number Six in the first series. McGoohan declined, but suggested he could play Number 2 instead.[2]


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