The Prisoner Wiki is a resource of everything related to the classic 1967 British television series The Prisoner, its 2009 television miniseries, and its expanded universe. Chronicling every character, location, episode, graphic novel, and audio drama, we are compiling information on the entire Prisoner franchise. We are currently editing over 65 articles, and you can help!

The Prisoner

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Rover (1)

The Rover is a fictional entity from the 1967 British television program The Prisoner, and was an integral part of the way 'prisoners' were kept within The Village. It was depicted as a floating white ball that could coerce, and, if necessary, disable inhabitants of The Village, primarily Number 6. The entity also appears in the 2009 mini-series remake of The Prisoner, referred to as "The Beast". Read More...



The Prisoner intro sequence03:07

The Prisoner intro sequence

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