Number 54 was the title of a military general incarcerated in The Village. The character appeared in the 1967-68 British television series The Prisoner, in its second episode "The Chimes of Big Ben". He was portrayed by actor Finlay Currie.


Introduced at the start of The Chimes of Big Ben, Number 54 is an old man called the General with whom Number 6 plays chess on the lawn outside the retirement home. Clearly resigned to his fate, the general discusses entering the Village arts and crafts competition, crafting a chess set. He believes Number 6 to be a fool for not cooperating with his captors, stating that consequently, he will remain in the Village for the rest of his life. After being asked what regiment he belonged to, Number 54 storms off. He is later seen at the exhibition, where it is revealed that he has constructed a chess set; the king of which resembles the current Number 2 (the focus of literally everyone's art, except for Number 6).


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